Khrissy, was born in Schönenwerd, Solothurn, Switzerland .

Self-Taught Photographer


She spends part of her childhood in South America, Italy and then she  leaves for the USA (Hollywood, CA)
On her return to Switzerland she studied at the School of Applied Arts in Vevey
and she stays at Veytaux,  in the beautiful area of Leman's Lake.
Since her early interest in music  and especially for the photography will make her an undeniable passionate wich takes up alll the space in her daily.

She works the digital photography, film, laboratory photography and painting,while

being an active member  of photographers of Nestlé in Vevey.


The strength and love that she gives at her work day after day,
develops the magic and enthusiasm that make her grow and improve.
At each participation she earns the esteem of visitors, where she does not go unnoticed.

She loves exhibit her work in galeries, arts spaces, and at any creative atmosphere, where the dimensions

and materials of these works will easily harmonize with the place

Having participated in various exhibitions and concerts to provide her style that she calls "Expression",
her way to externalize her inspiration in the field of creativity, always ready to share.
A trip between the mystical and the real.

Images protegées